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The national anthem at the NHL Winter Classic.

MyNorthwest Content Editor

By almost every account, the NHL Winter Class at T-Mobile Field was a big success.

If you went and didn’t get to your seat before the national anthem or you didn’t watch TV before the puck drop, you missed something special. Not to worry, MyNorthwest has got you.

To set this up, Seattle-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Nikhil Bagga is 14 years old. He took up the guitar at age 9.

Bagga learned to play AC/DC, Ed Sheeran, Nirvana, and Queen. He premiered his skills on Pacific Beach in San Diego on his 10th birthday.

He learned to play by ear and is known as the “human jukebox” because of his ability to play 350+ songs on demand.

The NHL asked him to play the national anthem at the Winter Classic. What followed has become an internet sensation.


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